The life of a Chapter Volunteer is busy! So its very important to have the best state of the art tools and features to quicxly and easily create dynamic content, engage our membership and then go on with our lives. 

Newsletters are still a critical tool in keeping in touch with your membership.  With the AcyMailing Newsletter, you can communicate what is happening with the chapter, let them know of upmcoing events, send suveys, send out Calls for Speakers and Calls for Volunteers and update them on big upcoming events such as Symposiums, Professional Developement Days and Conferences.

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Easy To Use

You can simply write plain text or insert an article direcly into newsletter editor using tags only. Adding images too is really intuitive.

No more creating a newsletter then adding it to the front-page later.  Just create the article on the front page and then send it!  1-step.  No double-entry errors!

Included Add-on / with Platform

There is no extra cost to have the Acymailing Newsletter component in your chapter website. It's already included with the platform. 

State of the Art A/B Testing to Hone Your Message

Advanced real time analytics gives you the ability to test what's working and what isn't working. So, you can improve your next campaign based on the results of previous sent campaigns.

Complete and Dynamic Statistics

Get comprehensive statistics like Users, Lists, emalis sent, emails opened, emails bounced, links clicked, number of times a link is clicked, new subscibers and unscribers are on your statistics dashboard in charts view.  Knowing why users unsubcribed to a newsletter helps you build better newsletters in the future. 

Variety of Free Templates 

You can use variety of email formats from plain and simple to vibrant and visual. You can have several different styles for sending different types of newsletters.  

Multiple Lists

Sometimes you need to target a certain group or groups.  Acymailing gives you complete control to send newsletters to only those you want to by automatically maintaining Members Only Lists or Expired Members lists and allowing you to create custom lists such as those members who do not have a PMP so you can send them information about upcoming courses or by creating a Prospective Members List. The possibilties are endless. 

Deliver Every Email

What is happening in your chapter is important as is making certain that information is delievered. Acymailing has bounce handling which increases your email reputation by cleaning up bad email addresses automatically.  Proteon augments this by using special services that are designed to get through corporate firewalls because many of our members use their work email address.

Visual Tracking Every Click

The unique visual tracking gives you advanced insights like which links are clicked. You can understand the recepient behavior by detailed analytical reports. 

Automatically Upated Lists Each Night

Automatically updated list feature works actively to keep lists updated each night.

Excellent Open Rate

It gives you excellent open rate as compared to the industry standards.  Many times over double the industry standard.

Responsive Accross Multiple Devices

No worries, if you're reading this email on your desktop, tablet or even on smartphone. You're getting responsive content according to your device. 


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