Each year as new Board members take on their new roles, the questions asked by the new Board Members are "Who/What is Proteon" and "What does Proteon do for us"?

Who/What is Proteon? 

Proteon Software began over 15 years ago and was created by PMPs for PMPs.  Michael Holstein, the founder and CEO of Proteon began the journey as a member of the PMI Central Ohio Chapter.  Mike had become very involved in the Autism community trying to find resources for his family.  He was instrumental in helping organizations in Ohio create websites that provided resources to help those who desperately needed help for their families.  The President of the PMI Central Ohio Chapter recognized the work Mike was doing and asked him to volunteer for the chapter to make their site more dynamic and create a site that provided resources for PMPs.  Once that project was completed, another chapter wanted their site to be like the Central Ohio chapter and then another and then another and Proteon Software was born. 

The goal of Proteon has never been to just give PMI chapters a space to place content nor to just host the site.  Any vendor can provide a template give a few plug-ins  and host a site. Proteon's goal has been to provide the PMI chapters world wide with a dynamic site using the most powerful, but user friendly open source software.  It is of course important to take registration for events.  It is of course important to send out newsletter/eblasts to let members and prospective members know about events.  It is of course important to have updated content that is a benefit to your members and an enticement to future members.  But, a PMI Chapter should be so much more. PMI Chapters should be:

  • PMI Chapters should be a resource for their members to connect with each other.
  • PMI Chapters should provide exciting and relevant information to their members. 
  • PMI Chapters should be a community that shares best practices, resources and knowledgebase to help each other grow.
  • PMI Chapters should be dynamic and integrated with Social Media.  

The Proteon global partnership of chapters is a cooperative to help each other move forward and grow. 

What Does Proteon Do For Us? 

The more accurate question would be what won't Proteon do for us? And that answer is simple.  There is nothing Proteon Software will not do or strive to do.  

We don't just build a site for PMI Chapters, we help them realize a vision.  No chapter has to pick from a limited number of cookie-cutter templates.  We have unlimited options to make the site unique to chapter and their needs.  We never ask a chapter to fit to Proteon, we ask what can Protean do for the chapter? If we don't already have it, we find it and if we cannot find it, we will create it.  We will build it and if you want to change it, we do that too.  A look you want today, may not be the look you want tomorrow.  Proteon does not stop at building the site, we continue the journey with the chapters.  There are many services Proteon provides that are all part of the package: 

  • Unlimited Support.  Our world class help desk is monitored 24/7 and provides solutions and answers to tickets related to anything from technical solutions to hep creating event, content or even if your members are having a problem with their membership. There is never a limit on the number of tickets a board member can create and ask for help.
  • Training & Education.  We have  aYouTube channel with short videos of the most common tasks as well as training courses and monthly User Group Meetings.  Your chapter can schedule one-on-one or group training sessions during the day, evenings or weekends.  You are the volunteers and we work around your schedule, you don't work around ours.  
  • Webmaster Services.  PMI Chapters are run by volunteers and there are times when a webmaster needs to leave on short notice.  No worries, we will step in as webmaster until you can fill the position.  
  • You can always reach Proteon.  We provide you with information to contact us directly during those emergency times whether it be the evening or the middle of the weekend.  


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